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Oh another day waking up to the cold and grey Finnish weather. I am a little disappointed in my lack of “follow up” on this blog. I have commitment issues towards writing…this is terribly obvious but, I will try to re-cap some of my thoughts from the last few days.

Today i’m feeling moderately depressed. Call it the weather…or call it whatever you like. I haven’t left the house ( it is only 2pm) so there is still hope. I notice that each day I leave the house in a somewhat happy-go lucky ready to have a good day and somehow my day gets shattered. Yesterday as I traveled to work i was happily marching along dodging ice to the train. I noticed a middle-aged woman walking a very cute small dog. I smiled and her and her expression returned in disgust. I am not here to claim that all Finns are rude ( hell, all the people who live here in Finland aren’t even Finnish) but, I am going to claim that most of my encounters have unfortunately been something like this. I guess I can chalk it up to her violating my expectations- of course I expected a somewhat friendly response. Didn’t someone once say a smile is Universal?

Not here. I don’t suspect.

About 30 seconds later I found myself on the ground. I had slipped and fallen into a gravely piece of ice. This is typical as some of the walkways are maintained and some places are left for people to fend for themselves. Everything else seemed ok for the remainder of the day. Besides, the fact I recently applied for a traineeship position and received my “rejection letter” today. The position asked for an english speaker, organizational skills/experience, and a bachelors degree ( which I have). However, it did fail to mention that I would need to be fluent in Finnish. Sure would have saved me a lot of time if it had mentioned this in the first place. In my defense I do have finnish skills but, ….. yeah.


oh the sweet sting of rejection. I figure it all works out just as well as we were supposed to have departmental funding for one month and I discovered today ( this isn’t possible). So, I guess all is well that ends well? Or perhaps not.


I guess it would be easy for any reader to say oh suck it up and try again etc etc… True. I’m sure I will. I can continue my love/hate relationship with learning Finnish. ( and somehow I’m sure that I will). It’s not like I have a choice considering i’m married to a Finnish person. Humbug.


Man, life sure is strange sometimes. Especially what you miss when you’re a long long way from your previous home.

I’m still trying to hold on to some sanity. Helping someone with a pram, smiling although I don’t expect it back, and ignoring each little impatient ignorant fuck who bumps into me without one hit of remorse. someday finland, I will learn to love you. It just didn’t happen today.


Until we meet again! Stay positive ( at least try)


Moi Moi and C ya!




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